Social media has changed the way we see the world and the way we look at brands! They have been a hub of activity and are a tremendous place to share information and to create meaningful social interactions.

Brands need to fight constantly for their positions, and one careless action can cost them a lot since pretty much everyone values social media in its decision making. Others, however, are afraid of even entering the social arena since it is not all fun and games. It still can be difficult for many companies to master it, especially when they have so many other aspects of their businesses to manage. Why not come then to the Social Media Summit to be inspired by great cases and talented marketers so you can draw up your social media marketing strategy for 2019 ?

In an effort to inform, inspire and connect digital marketers across industries, the Social Media Summit will welcome advertisers and agencies who have been rewarded at the IAB Mixx Awards 2018. This is your opportunity to learn about monitoring tools, drive traffic, discover how to grow your accounts and be a forward-thinking media user.

The Social Media Summit will also welcome 7 major Belgian influencers ! As influencers have been a large part of the social media landscape for the past couple of years, you are probably curious to hear their opinion on working with intermediaries or on topics such as transparency with their audience, mistakes a brand should avoid while approaching or working with an influencer and so on… This panel discussion will provide insights into the latest developments in influencer marketing!

Join us at this brand new edition of the Social Media Summit at the Hotel on 14 December 2018 !

During one afternoon, you will get the chance to learn about what concepts you have to implement for a strong social strategy. Join us for this inspiring afternoon where experts will share their analysis on the latest changes in social marketing in Belgium, delivering their advice on strategical concepts based on « word  of mouth ». There will be plenty of time for questions and conversations following the talks and during the networking breaks.

Let’s have a look together at how the Social Media landscape may look in a few months!


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