Marc Lambotte

CEO - Agoria

Be the Change

Digitization will significantly impact our labour market between now and 2030. Enormous challenges come our way. But not the ones you might expect. Rather than having to face massive job loss, we have to gear up for massive shortages on the market. Lots of jobs, not enough people to do them.
In his speech Marc Lambotte will explain what needs to be done to ensure that Belgian job creation also leads to an increase in Belgian prosperity.


Marc Lambotte started his career as a teacher in Antwerp.

In 1985 he became trainer at the Customer Education department of IT company Unisys. A few years later he shifted his focus within Unisys and built a local and international career in sales, marketing and general management.

In 2014 he joined Agoria as CEO.
Digitization in general and artificial intelligence in particular are impacting our societal canvas deeply and rapidly. Agoria research focused on Belgium provides an insight in the consequences for the labour market – both in generic terms and in particular for the financial and accounting communities. Will jobs be destroyed and/or created. What will be the net impact? For which jobs will we see a shortage in supply – and who should start preparing to do something different in his/her life?