Digital Transformation Manager

Digital Transformation Journey, a cautionary tale.

Nothing about theory, all about experience. An authentic review on the pitfalls and lessons learned along the way, in a (un)expected turn of events. You will discover the journey of a company that has set the goal of taking advantage of the digital virage to reform all pillars of its activity (operational processes, financial management, customer experience and portfolio of services). An ambitious endeavor in an ever changing environment that will stress, once more, that beyond the technology it is mostly a human adventure.

Why should you attend this talk? 

If you are dealing with Change Management, you will discover pragmatic solutions that will probably help making your story a success.


Helen has spent more than a decade dealing with digital projects. She has worked in the Public Affairs, Insurance, Energy and Education sectors. She is especially interested in the way digitization streamlines businesses and serves people.
In July, she started leading the implementation of totally new IT ecosystem of applications within Cefora. Cefora is the learning organization of the CP200, serving 55,000 companies and more than 400,000 employees and jobs seekers.