Digital Transformation Manager

Turbocharging legacy systems with IOT

"If everything seems under control, you're not going fast enough."  - Mario Andretti

Kristof Schraepen has been introducing digital change in large telco, banking and retail organisations for the past decade. Once transforming corporate websites into digital marketing, sales and self-service ecosystems, he is now accompanying the same kind of organisations in their search for new business models, and converting good advice to realistic programmes. 


Colruyt Group, as a family of over 20 companies, and 30.000 people has been continuously innovating, so it's not a surpise the trend continues. E-commerce, apps, mobile payments and marketing websites are very much in the present. As for the future, we are convinced that innovations in the digital space will be essential to keep our customers happy. The case for this year's digital transformation summit describes how Colruyt Group is pioneering with IOT technology, linked to the core legacy systems, to enable completely new shopping experiences.