Maarten Verschuere

Maarten Verschuere

Founder & Chief Data Scientist

E-commerce 3.0: applying datamining and AI capabilities

Bert Clybouw, co-founder of e-commerce platform Earnieland and webdevelopment agency Libaro and Maarten Verschuere, data scientist and founder of Clever will tell the story of how Earnieland built their data lake and has become a data-driven e-commerce platform.

Bert will give a brief explanation of what Earnieland is and give a practical demo of how Earnieland used Data Bridge to centralize all data in an analytical database to run automated reports.

Maarten will explain how the database was used for predictive analytics and provide concrete examples of how the relationship with the customer was optimized through datamining and the use of AI chatbots. 

Maarten is founder & Managing Partner at, a rewarded Artificial Intelligence & data science start-up, active in Belgium and the US. He speaks about the future of data and analytics in marketing and business. 
Machine learning, AI, IoT and chatbots ... play an increasing important role in the world of today.  Maarten talks about why Artificial Intelligence is relevant for any business and how you can get started today.

Before founding, Maarten lived and worked as an analytical consultant in London, Paris and Cincinnati consulting companies including Tesco, Carrefour and P&G.