Managing Partner

A GDPR approach

The GDPR brings a long-awaited harmonisation of data protection regulation in the EU, and will enter into effect in May 2018. For many businesses, ranging from SME to large multinational corporations, this raises a lot of questions about what they can or cannot do when processing personal data. Indeed, the rules of the game will change, and businesses should start preparing for those changes. Most importantly, the GDPR will impose strict transparency and communication obligations towards consumers, followed by hefty fines for the transgressors. What are these obligations, and what do they entail? How can a business check if it’s GDPR-compliant, and how can it remedy this if it isn’t? That will be the core of this presentation.

- Managing Partner of theJurists Europe, a legal firm with offices in Ghent, Brussels, Paris and Amsterdam, specialized in IT/IP law.

- TheJurists is working hard to take on a « tech oriented » approach.

- The aim is to become an 80% software company and a 20% niche legal player by 2020.

- Professor Copyright & Mediarights at Erasmus Brussels

- Board Member of FeWeb (Federation of Web Developers) and Ghent Web Valley

- Studied at the University of Ghent (Master in Laws) and University of Leuven (Postgraduate Studies in ICT and Media Law)