Ebay Classifieds Group

The platform economy – today and tomorrow

The only constant in life, is change. Only, in today’s world, the speed of change is changing. And where for some this means a threat, to others this brings major opportunities. So what do these changes and opportunities mean for e-commerce and the classifieds business? Data, cloud and machine learning create relevant personal experiences and make consumers increasingly successful. New technologies also change the way people make decisions. Barriers for trade are disappearing quickly, enabled by technology. In this session, Elke and Annemarie will explain how technology is the engine of the platform economy and how it enables to become increasingly efficient in linking consumers with consumers, but also in linking consumers with businesses.

As Chief Commercial Officer at eBay-daughters and Marktplaats, Annemarie Buitelaar is responsible for all B2B commercial activities of the classifieds businesses in the Benelux. Annemarie’s career started in the telecom industry, when she joined the Dutch market leader KPN as an online marketer, taking on several roles in marketing and communication in both the Netherlands and Belgium. In 2009 she switched the telco industry for the challenging online classifieds world. With a focus on B2B, Annemarie took on several roles successfully, managing major projects for SME customers, such as the successful Admarkt product of Marktplaats. In 2013 she took on the role of General Manager of the Belgium subsidiary before stepping into her current role as CCO for the Benelux. She oversees the publisher activities of both brands and works on further improving the success of professional sellers in Belgium and the Netherlands.