Kostense Consulting

China Cross-Border eCommerce and payments

The Chinese mCommerce and eCommerce landscape are ever-growing and ever-changing. The latest developments in cross-border-ecommerce and cross-border-payments have opened up new opportunities for European brands and merchants. This presentation will provide an in-depth explanation of the current status of the Chinese Cross-Border Commerce & Payments market and showcase some examples of European businesses tapping into this highly exciting market. 

Annemarieke (Anna) Kostense is the founder and CEO of Kostense Consulting. She is Dutch from origin and holds a Master of Arts degree from the University of Amsterdam. She moved to China in 2008 and worked and lived there for 9 years. While in China, she has held several Business Development roles with European and South African (media) companies to develop and structure their China (Joint Venture) businesses. During her last years in China, she has been Managing Director of a full-service digital marketing agency, focusing on the integration of online marketing, e-commerce and mobile payment solutions. She is proficient in the German, English, Dutch, Chinese and French languages. Upon her return to Europe, she founded Kostense Consulting, an expert consultancy for China Online Strategy development.