Earnieland & Libaro

E-commerce 3.0: applying datamining and AI capabilities

Bert Clybouw, co-founder of e-commerce platform Earnieland and webdevelopment agency Libaro and Maarten Verschuere, data scientist and founder of Clever will tell the story of how Earnieland built their data lake and has become a data-driven e-commerce platform.

Bert will give a brief explanation of what Earnieland is and give a practical demo of how Earnieland used Data Bridge to centralize all data in an analytical database to run automated reports.

Maarten will explain how the database was used for predictive analytics and provide concrete examples of how the relationship with the customer was optimized through datamining and the use of AI chatbots. 

Bert is Digital Architect and founder of Earnieland and Libaro.

Earnieland is an online shopping platform, active in Western Europe. Libaro is an agency specialised in data-driven web applications, located at Bruges.

With great experience in using Big Data as a new source of income, his team started to build The DataBridge. This is a framework dedicated to data centralisation and distribution. Its unique asset of flexibility has great demand from companies that want to gain valuable insights into their islands of data AND use that data for multiple purposes thanks to a live data flow to other sytems.