Innovation Advisor

Digital and physical world unified

eCommerce has changed, or should I say Commerce instead, omnicanal is key in the experience you create for your customer and everything should be linked to provide the best experience for your client.

We will see how to easily connect an e-commerce solution with conversational device such as external screen, Google Home, lights and music, connected mirror... and much more. API is key but there is room for improvement in order to link everything together.

Smile Group introduction and speaker description

With audacity and good projects, add a pinch of visionary culture, a fair dose of innovation, sprinkle the lot with multidisciplinary technical expertise and you get Smile, the European leader in integration and open source outsourcing solutions. Agile, open and committed, at Smile we love to be one step ahead to keep our position on the podium of major players in the digital world. To do so, we have developed 4 offers to support you through your digital transformation: Digital / Business apps / Embbeded & Iot / Infra. On a daily basis, there are 1,200 smilers present in 9 countries working and thinking to perform the strategic projects of a number of major French and European companies.

Fabien has been working for 10 years of experience in the web industry and consultancy projects, with an entrepreneurship background. He is now Innovation Strategist at Smile Group working on innovative projects for international companies : IA, Smart vision, Human understanding and convergence project.