Digital Account Manager

The power of actionable data

By now we all know we need data to drive our business forward. We track and collect as much as we can, so we can try to figure out how to optimize what we already offer. But putting the user at the centre is more than crunching numbers. And getting ready for the future is about more than optimization. It’s about asking the right questions, so you can gather the user insights that will propel your business forward and help you outperform the competition. Come discover those questions!


Arnaud is a E-commerce consultant with a proven track record in analyzing, advising and implementing international E-commerce projects. He started as business and functional analyst at PFS,

then moved to Truecommerce Datalliance before finally joining Emakina as Account Manager, newly appointed E-commerce team leader.


Sarah is a content Swiss Army knife turned strategist. After almost 7 years at the Emakina Group serving all kinds of clients and projects in Belgium and abroad, she has turned her attention to user insights and how to make them work for your business. She loves asking the right questions, and hunting down actionable answers.