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Nick Van Walleghem

Digital marketer

Be Bold

Introducing the Digital Experiment: Fail your way to Success. A retail case about Atelier Rebul.

“Ever Tried. Ever Failed. No Matter.
Try again. Fail again. Fail better.”

No customer has the same needs as any other you’ll ever encounter. And no best practice will work the same for every customer. So why should you expect it to?

It’s time to stop pretending that “one size fits all” and accept that digital marketing is and always will be an experiment. A journey to find the best solutions for your customer.

So let’s deepdive into some of the digital strategies we implemented for our customer Atelier Rebul, a B2C luxury skincare brand. Let’s find out where we succeeded, but also where we tried hard but hit a wall and where we failed.

Yes, you heard that right: where we failed and what we learned. Because digital marketing isn’t a free-for-all without ROI – instead it’s a measured experiment where even failure can bring us to success.

Want to know more? Join our talk and find out why failure isn’t your problem to drive growth.