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Jonas Verhaeghe

Sr. Marketing (Automation) Technologist

Invisible Puppy

You did it! You selected a Marketing Automation Platform. The contract was signed, the licence fee payed and you are now perfectly ready for roll out to your team and organisation. Be it a small or large marketing team, an SME or a big multi-national, each has its own challenges, when it comes to rolling out Marketing Automation. During this speaking slot we will discuss:

- roll out models for both SME and enterprise

- pro’s & con’s of each model

- required skills and team setup



Marketing Technology is the new frontier for many marketers. New frontiers equals many new challenges. How to deal with all these new technologies in my team? Is Marketing Automation a solution for all my business challenges? What is the ROI of each technology? 

As Sr. Marketing Technologist at Invisible Puppy - a technology independent strategic marketing agency - Jonas is day in, day out busy with the ‘toolbox’ - a.k.a. set of technologies - of the digital marketer. For the the last 6 years he has been busy with Marketing Automation and supporting organisations in the selection and roll out of these platforms. Be it a small or large organisation, each has unique requirements and challenges, for which a hands-on approach can be found.