Marketing Director

Fare evasion in Brussels public transport: Agent Verhaeghen as chief of security

Fare evasion is a widespread phenomenon in public transport. However, it is hard to talk to fare evaders, as they are rather insensitive to this kind of messages. STIB wanted to find the right voice to raise awareness amongst them. Agent Verhaeghen as chief of security at the STIB was able to shake up our target audience with a simple video on Facebook. With humor and local references to Brussels and its dialect we found the right ambassador to talk to our target audience, our paying customers and our own security officers. He even made his comeback this year…


Lionel Lammens is Marketing Director at STIB-MIVB, where he is in charge of Marketing, Customer Service, Traveller Information and Social Media. Previously, he has worked with big brands such as Proximus,, IPM press group, and betFIRST. His domains of expertise are Marketing & Communication, Strategy, e-Commerce, and Entrepreneurship. When not travelling, Lionel enjoys reading history and comic books, or going to cultural events in Brussels. He holds a Master in Commercial Engineering from UCL, and a MBA from Vlerick business school.