Head of Social

Search and Social: Stronger together

As consumer digital behavior becomes more unified across platforms, executing unified campaigns across all direct digital formats will become more and more attractive to brands. Search and social advertising formats are taking most incremental global spend for a reason – because that is where the consumers are and those are the formats making an impact that is immediate and measurable. Convenience is the driver of a desire for integration from consumers. From the brand side of the equation, ease of use, data scale, flexibility, reach, and accountability are all drivers towards digital concentration.

I have to admit that it is always surprising me and my team to hear clients ask ‘What is the value of an integrated Search and Social offering’? And then challenge us directly – ‘.. but these are ‘walled gardens’ – how do you actually do it?’

My answer starts always as follow : Digital consumer journeys are so seamless today that you cannot make an impact to your business without pulling together insights and intelligence across your search and social efforts.


Sarah Kustermans is Head of Social at Reprise. 8 years’ experience in digital advertising. She started her career at Social lab as Account Manager, to join IPG Mediabrand’s social team as Head of Social. Passionate about technologies and society as a whole, she leads the Social Media entity of Reprise for 3 years.