Jean-S├ębastien Struyf

Jean-S├ębastien Struyf

Multichannel Team Lead EMAC

Bristol-Myers Squibb

“Helping human beings to get a superior experience of life”

Jean-Seb is an all-round business man, pragmatic and passionate in improving processes & people and in delivering results. He started in finance and build up his career in a couple of pharmaceutical companies, such as Novartis and BMS, over the last 25 years in a range of commercial and strategic roles in Belgium and in Europe to build his current competence level.  “Helping human beings to get a superior experience of life” No matter the role, the grade and the title of your job, it generates an incredible return. This works both in business as in private life! Married, 5 wonderful kids and many other activities in sports (marathons, hiking, skiing) and charity are making his journey even more colorful!

Finally, as a co-owner of Advelox he will shortly set up a new solution to bring patients closer to their doctors.