Dominique Pellegrino

Dominique Pellegrino

Executive Business Manager

EASI - SmartSales

“When good data are actionable data”: how a pragmatic usage of a digital sales tool on the field could help deliver quick results

As everyone would agree, insights from data are the key. But, even more than “insightful”, data needs to be actionable. This is the key message of Dominique. This is particularly true in sales and sales management, where authentic data and insight from the fields could help to take quick decisions and adapt strategies. Far away from Big Data, Dominique will show the audience how a pragmatic and simple approaches could help generate quick results while generating insights.  Four original cases, with one including patients, will be presented.

Dominique Pellegrino studied economy and IT management in the University of Namur (FUNDP). Before entering the job market, he made research in the polytechnic University of Madrid (2005-2006).

He began working at EASI in 2006. First as a Consultant, then as Sales Representative and Project Manager for the accounting software of the company (now called Adfinity). In 2012 he joined the management as a Sales Manager of the CRM business line. At the same time, he become a partner of EASI. In 2015 he developed a new solution : SmartSales - CRM Mobile. He's busy working on its business development since then, in Belgium and other countries.