Ségolène Martin

Ségolène Martin



The impact of the artificial intelligence revolution on the use of pharmaceutical data

Ségolène’s presentation will focus on the impact of the artificial intelligence revolution on the pharmaceutical industry. More precisely, she will give insights on how artificial intelligence will change (and is already changing) the relationship between pharmaceutical companies, wholesalers, pharmacies and patients, and how companies can take advantage of technology to gain market shares.

Ségolène is the CEO of Kantify, a startup that helps other companies increase their sales and revenue thanks to artificial intelligence applications and data science. Kantify’s team is composed of business and artificial intelligence experts who identify untapped sources of growth and develop custom software to generate revenue from – for instance – pricing and individualized marketing solutions. Its clients include major retail, wholesale, chemical and insurance companies. Before founding Kantify, Ségolène held various management positions in the public sector and industry where she helped companies and research organizations create research & innovation ventures and networks.