Yves Baudechon

Yves Baudechon

President & Co-Founder

Social.Lab Worldwide

When the best data are not yours. From data base to audience farms.

Yves will show great examples of how social media has been leveraged by Pharma companies in different parts of the world to reach patients or practitioners.

Yves is a serial entrepreneur with a 30-year track record in creating and developing start-ups in the communication sector. When Yves Baudechon created Social.Lab in September 2010, with co-founder Gilles Bindels, they had the ambition to build a different type of social agency, combining hard working content ideas with smart targeting to drive results and bridging the traditional media / creative agency divide.                                                

Under Yves leadership, Social.Lab has developed a strong “Social CRM” offering,  based on an integrated approach that focuses on acquiring and retaining customers, growing sales and advocacy. In this customer centric model, content is customized assuring more relevance and engagement. Social.Lab was acquired by WPP/Ogilvy in 2013 and has offices in New York, London, Paris, Amsterdam, Singapore and Dubai and is headquartered in Brussels.