Maurice Van Leeuwen

Maurice Van Leeuwen



From sales to marketing: improve HCP ROI Engagement with Data

Traditional HCP engagements are not as effective as they used to be. Although pharmaceutical companies spend more than $12 billion per year on their field sales teams, a recent study reveals that "53% of HCPs reportedly say visits by sales reps provide little to no value". If pharma marketers want to increase the ROI on these efforts, they need to use smart data to improve. In this speech, Maurice van Leeuwen will share some best practices on how to collect and use smart data to improve physical HCP engagement.

"At Shaman, they understand the difficulties that pharma marketers and their sales teams face when it comes to capturing the attention of today’s time-constrained customers". That’s why Maurice founded Shaman in 2014. Shaman is a sales content platform that goes beyond traditional e-detailing tools. Shaman focuses on helping marketing and sales teams to engage HCPs more effectively, no matter how limited their time. Maurice loves to build products that combine the science of technology and the creativity of marketing communication.