Denise Silber

Denise Silber


Basil Strategies Consultancy

Data for Good, Patient Centricity, and Pharma

In her introductory talk to the “patients track” of the Digital Pharma Summit, Denise will address 3 questions (1) What do we know about the "data for good" trend in Society, (2) How does "patient centricity" relates to the use of patient data, and (3) What is the SWOT for pharma on use of patient data and patient centricity.

Denise Silber is the founder of Basil Strategies Consultancy and the Doctors 2.0 & You patient-included conference series. An international thought leader and social media influencer, Denise Silber applies this experience to provide practical services to pharma, hospitals, and tech companies. She is a valued strategist, speaker, master of ceremonies, and workshop leader on questions related to eHealth and healthcare social media.  A Harvard MBA, Denise Silber has the rare distinction, as an American in Paris, of having received the French Legion of Honor for her work in eHealth in Europe and America (2011).