Franck Le Meur

Franck Le Meur



Is digital transformation the must win battle for pharma’s ? Or should it rather focus first on customers/patients experience acquisition?

After decades of product development, we see that current pharma companies are facing more and more difficulties to deliver high value innovation in a more and more costs containment environment. Era of Blockbusters, promoted by large scale pushed promotion models, addressing large patients’ volumes, has ended in the famous patent cliff. Pharma’s are now facing new challenges in their promotional and interaction models: (1)Patients became real empowered consumers; (2) HCP’s new generation are less confident with Pharma’s information streams and do prefer neutral and on demand ones and (3) There is an increasing pressure on Pharma promotion model. On top of those trends, Pharma’s have to deal with new powerful actors as GAFAs in health area. Digital giants are gaining sustainable space in interactions with patients and HCPs. Situation is serious:  After “the patent cliff period” Pharma is just about to face a  “customer cliff”, according to Franck Lemeur.  In his talks, Franck will explain us that, before addressing classical digital transformation or developing any other multichannel programs, Pharma needs to understand what the best ways and levers are to reshape interaction model with HCPs and Patient. Pharma should install “Customer centricity first” as a drive in any promotional model initiative and it must become the priority before any digital or other multichannel program.


Doctor in Pharmacy and graduated from HEC Marketing Intelligence Master, Frank Lemeur has been working in the pharmaceutical industry for 24 years. He has had multiple operational and strategic experiences as Marketing Director, Business Excellence Director, Business Units Director, Strategy Director, etc.

Frank participated to the success of major launches, including Aprovel, Inipomp, Xatral, Acomplia and Zentiva Generics. 

In 2011, he started Sanofi's e-health business in France and completed the Diabeo project.

Most recently, he took responsibilities as Director of Strategic Planning at Sanofi Pasteur Vaccine, as Director of the Global Multichannel Business Sanofi and also became CEO of Chronolife, one of iBionext network’s startups.