Lionel Reichardt

Lionel Reichardt



Beyond the pill & patient centricity : culture or posture for Pharma ?

Promote or educate ? Should we really have to choose ?
Health promotion is needed to tackle the huge issues about prevention, chronic diseases, behavioral changes…and raise health litteracy among patients.
Health education is essential to personalize our approaches and make theses needed changes possible in a digital world and a patient empowerment era.
As a healthcare stakeholder, the pharmaceutical industry could help.
Beyond the pil…Thinking out of the box or just trying to sale some more ?


“An experienced, highly motivated and results driven individual leading a double life…”, is how Lionel Reichardt describes himself.

Lionel graduated from a High business school as a marketing specialist, and spent the past 15 years working within the pharmaceutical industry in management positions with a proven track record in achieving and exceeding targets with strong impacts on both the turnover and profitability.

On the other side, he became PHARMAGEEK ®, while attending an E-Business MBA. In other words, he became the reference concerning health matters on Twitter since 2012. As renowned health influencer, he is the curator of a dozen reviews about Health 2.0 and digital pharma; viewed more than 7000 times per month on average.

Today, within the CMS Group, Lionel synthesizes these experiences to rethink the customer journey and build new models of promotion and information in Healthcare.