Alexia Baum

Alexia Baum

PR Account Manager

Ogilvy Social.Lab Brussels

Moving beyond Promote or Educate, towards a connecting and empowering

Promotion and Education eventually share the same objective: inform and increase knowledge to obtain better health outcomes. But beyond promotion and educations, there is an evidence know for centuries. We always trust better information coming from peers. Hence,  while the traditional education and promotion paradigms are always “top down”,  it is worth thinking about what peer-to-peer approaches could bring. That’s were physician and patient communities have a role to play.  Alexia’s speech will focus on these matters. She will show how pharmaceutical companies could follow that pathway and start to create more informed and empowered communities of HCPs and patients.  Many health outcomes could, in such way, be potentially improved. But even research could progress this way.   Hence, “connecting” and “empowering” are potential important “keywords” for making sure that health progress.


Alexia Baum is leading the Consumer Health practice of Ogilvy Social.Lab Belgium, the social at heart agency. She has a dozen of years’ experience in health(care) PR and social communications. In her role, she leads PR and social media strategies, awareness raising and brand reputation campaigns, by activating programs that leverage different profiles of key stakeholders (patients, healthcare professionals, press and online influencers).