Benoit Luizet

Benoit Luizet

General Manager


Patient Expectations and the Doctor-Patient Relationship : An Opportunity for the Pharma Sector ?

Doctor-patient communication is a major component of the process of health care. A doctor’s ability to explain, listen and empathize has a major impact on a patient’s care. But one issue in their relationship is the lack of time and most complaints about doctors are actually related to issues of communication, not clinical competency.

As digitization and personalization spreads, practical solutions exist for the pharmaceutical industry. During his presentation, Benoit Luizet will give you an overview of what exists with the purpose to improve medical quality and increase patient satisfaction.


After finishing a Master’s degree in Management Science at Paris-Dauphine, Benoit Luzet worked for five years in the finance sector. He then became a B2B and B2C Company Manager for more than ten years.

He worked as a consultant for the main part of his career. In 2003, Benoit took responsibilities as Media Strategy Consultant as well as a Communication and Publishing Manager : he was then responsible for developing media companies specialized in outdoor leisure and well-being.

In June 2015, he joined Vivio, Belgium’s leading customer publisher in the fields of health and well-being, as General Manager.