Alexander Börve

Alexander Börve

Founder & Medical Officer

First Derm by iDoc24

Beyond promotion and education: when scientific knowledge is concentrated in one App, and could be directly applied to treat patients

Artificial Intelligence will become core in healthcare in the years to come.  With tsunamis of data’s and overload of studies or clinical trials results,  it is obvious that health care providers can just master a fraction of the healthcare knowledge.  Hence, physicians will have to learn to master artificial intelligence to be able to extract the tight evidence for treating a condition.  Dermatology is among the very first medical fields where artificial intelligence clearly made the difference.  It is so powerful that working without AI could even be considered to be odd.   Starting from these considerations, Alexander Borve, founder of research backed global on-demand dermatology service, First Derm, will explain how easy, how powerfull AI “in one hand” could .  First Derm teledermatology paltform is based on  a unique dataset of over 300k+ “amateur” smartphone dermatology images.  90 000 of these images have been used to train a convoluted neural network (CNN).  The AI can bea good fit with virtual care clinics, as a decision support tool for non-dermatologists. It can also be integrated into any internet connected platform and be used as a screening tool on skin diseases.


Alexander Börve, is an orthopedic surgeon. CEO and Founder of First Derm. He is a scientific researcher in the field of telemedicine and has studied the use of smartphone technology and dermatology. In 2012 he completed one of the largest telemedicine studies on skin cancer detection, using a smartphone application.

The study included over 1500 patients and showed that the technology could be an effective triage tool for the early detection of skin cancer and the timely manner of treatment. First Derm has collected a unique dataset of over 300 000 “amateur” skin disease images that has been used for machine learning and is today used as a “Skin Image Search” online.

Alexander lives between San Francisco, USA and Barcelona, Spain.

His technology to date has prevented skin cancer mortality, early detection of STD and peace of mind to worried individuals in 160 countries.