Paul Simms

Paul Simms



Time to inspire: where pharma can learn from Bill Gates in order to build trust and become visionary

Healthcare is probably, potentially, the most emotive industry of all. Yet today’s healthcare marketing, advertising and communications is for the most part, shatteringly dull. It’s product-centric, it’s unerringly promotional, it’s cliched and it’s instantly forgettable. In a fascinating talk, Paul will explain how pharma could take a more inspirational direction in order to built trust – and it starts, as is often the case, by looking outside our industry.


Paul Simms was General Manager of eyeforpharma from 2003 before moving into his current role as Chairman in 2009. Paul has a special interest in new projects, innovation, media and overseeing the general development and direction of the company.

Pharma is a sector with so much potential, much of it currently squandered. Paul works with leaders to effect changes. Therefore, he helps illustrate the future from a patient's perspective, on the one hand. Because his thinks that, with a clearer vision, one can align many partners, stakeholders, technologies and regulations towards a utopian world.
On the other hand, he would like that everyone in the world get on the property ladder - by owning the rights to their personal data, and choosing whether to keep it to themselves or to receive something in return for it.

Paul spends his free time playing the piano, exploring architecture and property - and hitting his head on the top of doorways!