Benoit De Nayer

Benoit De Nayer



GDPR: Privacy is a feature, not a bug

Pharma marketers and managers will have to work with GDPR as of May 25, this year. Most people view this as a constraint, but they shouldn’t say Benoit De Nayer, co-founder of Actito, and specialist of privacy & data security since 1992. Indeed, GDPR should be considered as logical evolution of professional data management and good data governance, at least in our European culture. In his speech, Benoit will explain how you could use GDPR as a strategic differentiation factor, which could help stay away from competition.

Benoît De Nayer is cofounder of Citobi (holding name of ACTITO and MediQuality) and is responsible for the supervision of all corporate matters and leads ACTITO’s R&D efforts. He started his career as researcher in consumer law at the University of Louvain and as a barrister. He holds a master degree in law from the University of Louvain and a master degree in Tax Law from the University of Brussels.