Denis de Groote

Denis de Groote



Social with a Brain

How to win business in social media today and tomorrow?

Brands which do not exist on social media today are lagging behind and risk to be soon outcompeted. How to start with social media and use it to create quick and profitable impact ? At the same time, the acceleration of technology is creating new opportunities and threats in digital communication. From data driven creativity to dynamic broadcasting, a whole new value chain is shifting traditions using "other" brains.

Nico Tempelaere and Denis de Groote, co CEO's of JUSt. Agency will help you understand the basic recipes of social media and how to future-proof your brand.

Denis de Groote joined Google about 3 years ago and drives both the agency business and YouTube in Belgium.
Spanning a career of 25 years in marketing and sales across various blue-chip multinationals, from cosmetics to drinks, having created, massively grown and lost his own startup, Denis brings tons of insights which become even more relevant in a world that is radically changing through technology.