In the program, keynotes and speakers sharing their experience and insights on Cloud and Data hot topics ! Stay tuned for more information and updates !

Alain Vermeiren IoTBE Board Member
Alain Vermeiren

Didier Bennert Emixis CEO
Didier Bennert

Harold Grondel Productize In charge of business
Harold Grondel

Léonard Pollet M4KE.IT Business Partner
Léonard Pollet

Lionel Anciaux Software.Brussels President of the board
Lionel Anciaux

Marc Vanryckeghem Skylane Optics Head of R&D
Marc Vanryckeghem

Philippe Drugmand CETIC Department Manager
Philippe Drugmand

Toni Seifula Competential Managing Partner
Toni Seifula

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