Join this intensive afternoon in English led by Tom de Ruyck and learn what Customer Centricity is all about. Tom gives more than 100 keynote speeches and workshops every year. He has spoken in more than 40 countries at major business, marketing, technology and research events. Tom is an expert in understanding and collaborating with consumers, creating consumer-centric-thinking organisations & preparing organisations and their employees for a future full of technological change. If your organisation is struggling in establishing a valuable relationship with its clients, in seeing what your clients need to see before they are willing to pay and taking concrete steps. During this afternoon, you will be inspired on the one hand, but Tom will also give you hands-on tips and tricks too. You will know how to get started the day after.

  • Consumer/Customer Centricity is a buzz word! Learn how to bring it in action now! 
  • Learn from cases how to do it yourself;
  • Learn from your peers in the session about how they tackle their challenges;


  • Introduction
  • Why Consumer Centricity ?
  • How to put the Consumer/Customer at the center?

  • Making it happen in your Company!

  • What are the challenges ? 

  • Start the great experience from the awareness stage

  • ... through the purchasing process

  • finally through the post-purchase process

  • Use your data
  • Share the information through departments

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