• 09h00-09h30 Keynote speech by Guenther Oettinger

    After spending decades bringing down barriers regarding trade in goods and services across borders, the European Union is now in the process of realising the Digital Single Market to boost the European online economy. We have now entered a world in which digital is embedded in our daily lives and realise the exponential value that digitalisation has, and could have, for the real world. With the implementation of the Digital Single Market Strategy, the EU is opening up digital opportunities for business and people, both on a European and national level.

     Alexander De Croo
    Günther Oettinger

    Commissioner for Digital Economy
    European Commission

  • 09h30-10h30 EU Policy Plan for the Digital Innovation Industry

    Will the European Commission be able to reach its 16-point Policy plan as part of its Digital Single Market Strategy? The European Commission has until the end of 2016 to present all of its plans. Is this the right approach? Do the current rules enable and aid the development of European Digital champions? And what will the next 10 years of digital innovation look like?


     Alexander De Croo
    Dr. Andrea Renda

    Senior Research Fellow

     Alexander De Croo
    James Crisp

    News Editor

     Alexander De Croo
    Sebastien Deletaille

    Real Impact Analytics

     Alexander De Croo
    Willem Jonker

    EIT Digital

  • 10h30-10h45 Networking Break
  • 10h45-12h00 Cyber space and Security for Business

    Cyber security is a central component of business continuity and customer trust. The ever-evolving cyber landscape comes with the challenge that businesses have to be very flexible to deal with a changing threat landscape. The EU is investing in this field to become a strong player and is stimulating the cooperation between different sectors such as energy, health, transport, and finance.

     Alexander De Croo
    Brian Maguire

    Brussels Correspondent
    European Business Express

     Alexander De Croo
    Emad Yaghmaei

    Research Fellow
    TU Delft

     Alexander De Croo
    Rastislav Janota

    Slovak National Security Authority

     Alexander De Croo
    Udo Helmbrecht

    Executive Director

     Alexander De Croo
    Vincent Steckler

    Global CEO

  • 12h00-13h30 How to thrive in a digital environment?

    Opening remarks by Luciano Floridi

    The evolution towards a digital world does not only impact the global economy, but also the society and the human reality. What's the influence of digitalisation of the economy on our future daily life? How to understand and take care of technology who is revolutionising our society and work environment?

    Representatives of the member states of the EU will share their views regarding digital transformation at the national level within their industry and society. Ideas and challenges from the business world will be brought to the table. The discussion will focus also on how a focused approach can lead to the right investments and the right skills needed in this newly established environment.


     Alexander De Croo
    Alexander De Croo

    Deputy Prime Minister
    Belgian Government

     Alexander De Croo
    Cheryl Miller

    Founder, Executive Director and Chairman of the Board
    Digital Leadership Institute

     Alexander De Croo
    David Goodridge

    Senior Vice President, Market Development for Europe

     Alexander De Croo
    Kaja Kallas

    European Parliament

     Alexander De Croo
    Krzysztof Szubert

    Polish Ministry for Digital Affairs

     Alexander De Croo
    Luciano Floridi

    Director of Research & Professor
    Oxford Internet Institute

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