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Taille entreprise : +10
Adresse : Avenue de Woluwe-Saint-Etienne, 55
Ville : Bruxelles
Tél : +3228909200
Personne de contact : Olivier Rousseaux
Fonction : Sales & Marketing Manager

Hello Agency


Smart communication, made easy.

At Hello Agency our purpose is to help our clients have the biggest impact possible by creating smart & creative communication. There are 4 key strengths that identify us: 1) We love omni-channel and have the solutions to offer omni-channel communication 2) We build on retail experience since 25 years 3) We embrace technology and we developed our own tools, called Sphertis Hub & Sphertis Local to offer personalised communication at large scale ( 4) We have a strong strategic backbone within the Quanteus Group; with The House of Marketing as sister company. From Communication strategy to communication automation to print solutions, we tackle the whole omni-channel spectrum. We continuously monitor the changing environment which allows us to identify the challenges our clients have to tackle in order to keep always one step ahead.

Références clients

Algorel - Weldom - Di - Irisnet - Deutsche Bank - Peterman - Poliakov - Fisherman's Friend - Bahlsen - Fiat - Panzani -Hero Baby - BNP Paribas - Ontex - DSM Keukens -BD My Shopi - Simont Braun - The House of Marketing


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